A Thousand Tales - Our Story

There are footprints in these dunes. They are the steps of a nomad traveler and a writer who went by the name of Abdullah Akhdar , named for his nurturing kind soul, as green and nurturing as the ...


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The Thousand Nights Camp offers you a variety of adventures and desert experiences from the exploration of its scenic terrains, enjoying adventurous sporting activities, to the breathtakingly peaceful moments one can only experience in this haven. Come and gaze into the deep eyes of the gazelles, or find answers as you gaze deep into the starry nights of the desert. We invite you to enjoy the many experiences that we can offer you within the unmatched harmony of these unique surroundings.


Enjoy a night in the heart of the desert on your terms. Choose from our selection of elegant, traditional rooms and tents of varying styles, always maintaining the authentic Bedouin experience alongside our promise of comfort.


Let us bring the world to you, in a variety of dishes designed to suit different tastes, enjoy great tastes from our restaurants and cafe at the camp beneath the refreshing desert breeze and it’s breathtaking scenery.


In the untamed desert lands of the Thousand Nights Desert Camp, with its wild nature of rich plant and animal species, its endless dunes, its tranquil oasis, coexist in an ecosystem of harmony with the Beduin nomads rich in their grounding traditions and way of life and the deep legacy of the Desert Camp which opens its doors to those wishing to experience this harmony for themselves, and to let them discover the deep and mysterious ways of the desert.



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