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Marhaba To Thousand Nights


The Bedouin’s home in this vast desert, is everywhere. They belong to its moving sands and, like these sands, they move, travelling through its dunes with their families and livestock, only stopping where there is water and shade. Their destiny is shaped by this water. It is a source of nourishment and life in the hard desert, so much so that the wells here are named after the person who dug it. Water is more than just precious. It is life itself, guiding the rhythm of their life. 

Here at 1000 nights we have brought your water from the local wells as well as water transported all the way from the city for your convenience. The camp also provides cold drinking water for passers-by near the camp, and water basins for animals to alleviate desert heat and drought.

The strenuous effort of the Bedouin to obtain water makes it a blessing that must be preserved and carefully used. We understand just how important water is, we hope you do too. 

Please use water mindfully.